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Estonian Wikipedia

Favicon of Wikipedia Estonian Wikipedia
Estonian wiki 20131211.png
Main Page of the Estonian Wikipedia in December 2013
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia project
Available inEstonian
HeadquartersMiami, Florida
OwnerWikimedia Foundation
Launched24 August 2002

The Estonian Wikipedia (Estonian: Eestikeelne Vikipeedia) is the Estonian version of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, started on 24 August 2002. As of January 2021, the edition has about 216,000 articles.

On 7 December 2008 Estonian Wikipedian Andres Luure was one of fifteen individuals recognized for volunteerism in Estonia for 2008. In 2013 he received Order of the White Star for his contributions to Wikipedia.

The first article competition was held in spring 2009 and first photo competition in summer 2010. Since then those kinds of competitions have been common in Estonian Wikipedia.


Origin of edits (2012/03/01 - 2012/02/28) Source
United States

As of August 2012, The Estonian Wikipedia has the 3rd greatest number of articles per speaker among Wikipedias with over 100,000 articles, and ranks 10th overall. These figures were based on Ethnologue's estimate of 1,048,660 Estonian speakers.

The Estonian Wikipedia is the 41st edition to reach the milestone of 100,000 articles and the third edition in a Uralic language to do so, after the Finnish and Hungarian Wikipedias.

As of August 2012, the Estonian Wikipedia's number of articles accounts for approximately 23% of all the articles written in a Finno-Permic language, making it the second largest edition in the family after Finnish, which accounts for 70% of Finno-Permic articles.

The Estonian Wikipedia has a relatively high percentage of administrators per regular active users (over 9%) compared to the Finnish Wikipedia, where only 2.5% of active users are administrators. As of January 2021, the edition has 641 active contributors and 34 administrators.

The overwhelming majority of its edits originate from Estonia, while a minority of contributions come from neighboring Northern European countries, which account for most of the remaining share of editors.

100December 2002
500September 2003
1,000October 2003
5,000July 2004
10,00015 May 2005
15,00012 February 2006
20,00022 July 2006
25,00030 October 2006
30,0001 February 2007
35,00012 May 2007
40,00030 August 2007
45,00023 January 2008
50,0004 June 2008
55,00019 October 2008
60,00021 February 2009
65,00015 July 2009
70,00015 December 2009
75,00018 May 2010
80,00030 November 2010
85,0001 June 2011
90,00012 November 2011
95,00030 March 2012
100,00025 August 2012
105,0006 January 2013
110,00022 April 2013
115,0007 September 2013
120,00023 January 2014
200,00012 August 2019

Local community

The first meeting for local Wikipedians was held in 2007.

The Estonian Wikimedia chapter named Wikimedia Eesti was founded in 2010 to support Estonian Wikipedia.


Other topics

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