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Kurdish Wikipedia

Edition of the free-content encyclopedia
Favicon of Wikipedia Kurdish Wikipedias
Logo of the Kurmanji Wikipedia (left) and the Sorani Wikipedia (right)
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia project
Available inKurdish (Kurmanji · Sorani)
OwnerWikimedia Foundation
Created byKurdish wiki community (Kurmanji) (Sorani)
Launched7 January 2004
Content license
Creative Commons Attribution/
Share-Alike 3.0

The Kurdish Wikipedia (Kurmanji Kurdish: Wîkîpediya kurdî, Sorani Kurdish: ویکیپیدیای کوردی‎) refers to two Wikipedia editions which are written in two forms of Kurdish language; Kurmanji and Sorani.

The original one was founded in January 2004. As of January 2021, the Kurmanji Wikipedia has 35,210 articles and Sorani Wikipedia has 28,644 articles. There are also two other Wikipedia editions for Zazaki and Southern Kurdish with the latter still in the test phase.


The Kurdish Wikipedia established on January 7, 2004, designed to contain articles in Kurmanji and Sorani at the same time. On August 12, 2009, Kurdish Wikipedia separated into two versions due to technical and linguistic issues. The old version (ku.) remained as Kurmanji Kurdish Wikipedia and a new version (ckb.) created for Sorani Kurdish Wikipedia.

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This article uses material from the Wikipedia article Kurdish Wikipedia, which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (view authors).

Date of last edit: 2021-01-29T12:59:04.000Z