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Northern Sami Wikipedia

Favicon of Wikipedia Northern Sami Wikipedia
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia project
Available inNorthern Sami
OwnerWikimedia Foundation

The Northern Sami Wikipedia is the edition of Wikipedia in the Northern Sami language.

It was used as one example of how Wikipedia's categories system works (in the context of social ontologies).


It started in 2004 and has over 7000 articles, ranking in the middle of all Wikipedias.


It is 134th of about 290 in number of page requests: half a million page requests per month, but not possible to know how many human readers.


It is 137th of about 290 in number of articles (there are 7,717); articles are about 500 characters long on average with approximately 400 000 words in total. It's above average in terms of editors/speakers and articles/speakers, there are many articles about towns around the world (mostly automated creations).

User activity

There were almost no new articles in 2008–2011, new articles usually come in bursts; in 2013 editing activity was lower than in previous years with fewer than 10 active editors per month making fewer than 100 edits per month. There are currently 27 active users and activity is still low.


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