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Swahili Wikipedia

Favicon of Wikipedia Swahili Wikipedia
Type of site
Internet encyclopedia project
AvailableĀ inSwahili
HeadquartersMiami, Florida
OwnerWikimedia Foundation

The Swahili Wikipedia (Swahili: Wikipedia ya Kiswahili) is the Swahili language edition of Wikipedia. It is the largest edition of Wikipedia in a Nigerā€“Congo or Nilo-Saharan language, followed by the Yoruba Wikipedia.

It was mentioned on August 27, 2006 in International Herald Tribune and New York Newsday articles on the struggles of smaller Wikipedia language editions. In 2009, Google sponsored the creation of articles in the Swahili Wikipedia. On June 20, 2009, the Swahili Wikipedia gave its main page a makeover. As of January 2021, it has about 61,000 articles, making it the 87th-largest Wikipedia.

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article Swahili Wikipedia, which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (view authors).

Date of last edit: 2021-01-29T12:53:01.000Z